Monthly Archives: August 2013

Maybe the drugs do work

So here’s a thing. I’ve been off antidepressants for a couple of months now. Was on them to try to help squash the anxiety which was accompanying depression, but I suppose that’s probably another story.Anyway, the most noticable effect of the pills were to get rid of the aching I get in my legs and […]

Morning songs so far

For a little while I’ve been posting a new song up on my facebook page each morning – only missed two or three days I think. Partially just as a reason to prise myself out of my womb-like pit to be honest, but it’s turning into kind of a nice exercise. Partly because people who […]

Thou shalt

see the beauty in things. Not in everything – that would be inane (not everything’s beautiful), but loads more than we do.

Thou shalt not

let the bastards grind you down.

Thou shalt not

imply causation from correlation.

UKIP and why they’re not for me.

If you like you might as well skip the pre-amble, make like McNulty and head straight for the bullet points. I became increasingly aware that one or two of my friends (who I naturally cherish and love dearly) consider themselves supporters of, or at least apologists for, the UK Independence Party. I haven’t brought up […]

Thou shalt not

post or quote anything claiming to be factual without giving sources, or at the very least laying out a logical argument to back it up. This particularly goes for anything containing figures, including percentages. Thou shalt stand by your data, or shut up. (Oh, and some sources are more valid than others, but that’s another […]