Christmas cards with the mentally ill

So what’s the point in being employed to do a job you’re good at when the structure of the company is such that you’re prevented from doing it? Any ideas?

Am I wrong to refuse to play the game even if it would make life easier, because it’s dishonest, disingenuous and soul-destroyingly pointless? (Rhetorical question, Internet.)

So basically, I have two ways of doing my job.
The first way, I can do my own research, adding value to the company, and sell on the leads I generate. I can speak honestly to clients and proceed in the way which is best for them, while making sure I keep the interests of my employers at the forefront. This way leaves me wide open for other people (within my own organisation) to step in and close deals for which I’ve laid the groundwork, and to build on the foundations I’m laying. It costs me money (lost earnings) and frustrates me.
Or I can step on the back of other people’s work in order to further a sale – other people’s research, other people’s sales process. I can wait until someone’s not playing the system or they take their eye off the ball, then step in and close the sale. This way will make me more desperately-needed money, but will also mean that I spend my days working against my colleagues rather than with them, and not doing what I’m good at and what I’m sitting there in order to do.

Of course, nothing’s as black-and-white as that, and there are tweaks which lead towards a middle ground, but they’re sticking plasters over wounds which have been deliberately created and honed because the management believes they’re for the greater good (the greater good).

What’s worse than this choice in a way is to watch people who I respect and love playing the system so acceptingl – doing as much as they can to screw lest they be screwed, or indeed to screw as they have been screwed.
I expect it and accept it from some, but can’t stand to see it from others.

And don’t tell me that this is what sales is. Sure, it can be if you’re enough of a prick to make it so (Glengarry Glen Ross), but that’s your choice and if you think it’s ok, then fuck you. Fuck you in the wrongun.




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