Maybe the drugs do work

So here’s a thing.

I’ve been off antidepressants for a couple of months now. Was on them to try to help squash the anxiety which was accompanying depression, but I suppose that’s probably another story.Anyway, the most noticable effect of the pills were to get rid of the aching I get in my legs and back, and as a result made it easier to get myself up and out in the morning.
Correspondingly, just in the last three weeks or so I’ve been noticing it’s been a lot more difficult to drag myself out of bed (seems a largely physical feeling, but I suppose it’s presumably not) and the aches and pains have come back – the back pain is properly nasty.

So much as I don’t want to get back onto mood-changing or character-changing medication, I wonder if really I should do, just for that aspect alone.


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