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Thou shalt not

watch The Big Bang Theory.   And if thou shalt, thou shalt not like it.   And if thou doest, thou shalt know that thou art terribly mistaken. Advertisements

Delhi rape death penalty follow-up

This is kind of relating to the original post which is here. These people have now been sentenced to death. It is only to be celebrated that countries which haven’t necessarily taken violence against women as seriously as they should have are now doing so. I will repeat though: it is wrong to execute the […]

Favourite sitcoms

Spaced Early Doors The Thick of It Father Ted Black Books Red Dwarf I’m not counting The Boosh or the Simpsons as sitcoms. I’m a bit disappointed that there’s nothing American on the list, but in my view nothing merits it.

Paranoid? Maybe.

Just left my flat without looking through the peephole first for the first time in months. Didn’t even think of it. Still double-locked the door though. Exposition to follow once I’ve worked out the words, probably. It’s a lovely day and I’m going to make scrambled eggs.

Delhi rape death penalty

Just a quick one in reference to the news of politicians, media and public promising and calling for the hanging of the people found guilty of the rape and murder of the lady in Delhi last year. That sentence looks like more or less a foregone conclusion. It is easy to call for clemency for […]

Thou shalt not

write fourteen blog posts and then stop.   That’s too many to seem casual and too few to seem committed.