Delhi rape death penalty follow-up

This is kind of relating to the original post which is here.
These people have now been sentenced to death. It is only to be celebrated that countries which haven’t necessarily taken violence against women as seriously as they should have are now doing so.
I will repeat though: it is wrong to execute the perpetrators. It is disgusting and shameful.


At the time I first blogged about this I also mentioned the issue briefly on my facebook page, and a friend of mine vehemently disagreed with me. I haven’t come back to it on that forum because the discussion got sidetracked by people who didn’t really want to debate the issue, which is fine, but I’d like to briefly revisit it here. I’ve tried to let it lie in a way, but the element of sexism which was introduced keeps leading me back to it. So as background:

Me (original post): Just a quick one to make the point that the death penalty is wrong in this case as well.

Her: Yeah they should be gang raped and then have acid poured on their dicks

Me: I think you know I’m not going to engage with that. I disagree.

Her: Really. Of course u do. Ur a man. Id pour the acid myself. Fucking pigs.


The conversation then went off-course so I left it, perhaps wrongly. My confusion is whether my friend believes that:
a. If the victim had been male then I would want the perpetrators to be killed
b. If the perpetrators had been female then I would want them to be killed
c. If I were female I would want all rapists (and murderers?) or either sex to be killed
d. Because I’m male I do not believe violence is a serious issue? Because I’m male I do not take violence against women seriously?
e. Etc…


I’m genuinely pretty confused by this, and kind of hurt too. Not even sure where to start really. Is there some truth in what I’m being accused of? I certainly don’t think so, but I’m not going to claim that I never miss a point. Is there a certain impression I should be aware of giving as a bloke expressing a liberal viewpoint?

Or is it just absolutely mental and offensive to assume that someone’s ethical or moral viewpoint stems from their sex?


Any rants for or against gratefully received.


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