Ok, all. Let’s pick this up, yeah?

Hi. Been a while, hasn’t it? I know. I’m sorry. I’ve been… well, if not busy, then certainly distracted.

But look, I’m getting more engaged in the world again, I think. And people keep telling me I should write. So you know what? Let’s write.

Many of these posts will be comments on the politics of the day. There’s plenty to say. I’ll be raging, I’ll be full of hope and despair, I’ll try to give some insight where I can (little of it is likely to be wholly original, but it may be worthwhile nevertheless) and there may even be a humourous undertone if you’re prepared to keep an ear open for it – rather than actual jokes I tend to rely on confirmation bias to imply subtle wit (see, like that). Some of the posts will be more to do with me. There’ll be music, there may even be photographs. You know how the Internet likes photographs.

So, come along. Hold me to account. In fact just… hold me.


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