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“Not sure of the link between the UK leaving the EU and Trump and the USA. Did I miss something?”

Yes, you must have missed quite a lot. You missed the global insinuation of the reactionary right into the political mainstream and the resulting isolationism of large sections of major countries. You missed populism as a response to the uncertainties of economic stagnation and the anxieties of change in economies and employment situations, themselves in […]

The Bowling Green Massacre

There’s a lot of hilarity going around just now about Kellyanne Conway’s error in referring to ‘The Bowling Green Massacre’, and almost as much heat being generated in her defence, pointing out that she has ‘corrected herself, which she sort-of has, on (where else?) Twitter, and demanding that the matter be dropped. On @hardball @NBCNews @MSNBC […]

Twitter feed

I know not many people hang around on WordPress awaiting new posts, especially from me. If you want to be informed of new posts on here, follow me on Twitter. That’ll mean you’ll also get chunks of my brain that haven’t been worth developing into bigger chunks. Lucky old you.

Verbal breakdown

Just a few words on Trump’s use of language. I’m sure this has been covered elsewhere by minds far greater than mine, but I do see the way he speaks being held by some to be an indication of stupidity, and so although I’m not going to make any particular claims for or against his intellect, […]

What’s all this about petitioning against Trump’s state visit to the UK then?

A few people have been asking today about the petition to deny President Trump* a state visit during his trip to the UK later this year. One slightly smug response is along the lines of ‘better not pack that suitcase just yet’, well unfortunately, or maybe fortunately (I’m not sure of how wise it is […]

Ok, all. Let’s pick this up, yeah?

Hi. Been a while, hasn’t it? I know. I’m sorry. I’ve been… well, if not busy, then certainly distracted. But look, I’m getting more engaged in the world again, I think. And people keep telling me I should write. So you know what? Let’s write. Many of these posts will be comments on the politics of […]

A small personal history of unethical prescription.

For a couple of reasons I’ve been thinking again over the last few days about the ethics of medical advice, evidence vs. experience, the moral obligation we have to those we love and those to whom we owe a duty of care. I realised this morning that one of the reasons this exercises me so […]