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A small personal history of unethical prescription.

For a couple of reasons I’ve been thinking again over the last few days about the ethics of medical advice, evidence vs. experience, the moral obligation we have to those we love and those to whom we owe a duty of care. I realised this morning that one of the reasons this exercises me so […]

Anger Is An Energy

I wrote this a couple of months back and then decided not to post it, but am doing so now – I’m posting without editing, so all errors will remain…     So I’m doing a little looking into a thing called The Healing Codes. Keeping an open mind as far as I can, but […]

Reasons to be Cheerful – linked and annotated: AC Grayling – Autechre

So, as was previously mooted, I’m going to try to make these a bit more explicit and elucidate the reasons why they’re important to me. The list is rather long, so you’ll have to forgive me if I skim over a few. AC Grayling Professor of philosophy, particularly associated with Oxford and Birkbeck. Sceptic, atheist, […]

Thou shalt not

imply causation from correlation.

Thou shalt not

post or quote anything claiming to be factual without giving sources, or at the very least laying out a logical argument to back it up. This particularly goes for anything containing figures, including percentages. Thou shalt stand by your data, or shut up. (Oh, and some sources are more valid than others, but that’s another […]

Reasons to be cheerful

Ok, so instead of an ‘about me’ thing, a list of some good people, good things, inspirations and shapers of me, one way or the other. AC Grayling Accidental Records Alex Smoke Amiina Aphex Twin Armando Iannucci Art of Noise Arvo Pärt Autechre Basic Channel Battles BBC 6Music BBC Radio 4 Ben Goldacre / Bad […]