I wrote this a couple of months back and then decided not to post it, but am doing so now – I’m posting without editing, so all errors will remain…     So I’m doing a little looking into a thing called The Healing Codes. Keeping an open mind as far as I can, but […]

Not that I’m going to open myself to the ridicule of discussing this on facebook, but I’m having a little look at what I could do kind of casually and at home (which is how I do most things) to get a bit fitter. Not sure when the last time I did some proper exercise […]

So, as was previously mooted, I’m going to try to make these a bit more explicit and elucidate the reasons why they’re important to me. The list is rather long, so you’ll have to forgive me if I skim over a few. AC Grayling Professor of philosophy, particularly associated with Oxford and Birkbeck. Sceptic, atheist, […]

Sorry, I’ve kind of got out of the habit both of blogging and of putting morning songs up. This is all for a jolly good reason though – been distracted, which is kind of nice. Anyway, I haven’t been quite as remiss on this as I feared, and turns out there’s quite a few gems […]

So there’ve been some gaps in my morning songs project due to being away, but that’s ok. Also, I’m avoiding listing any other songs posted at other times of the day – they’re not part of the canon… So here we are, bringing us up to date. As usual, it’s oldest first.   Nick Cave […]

I. Love. Everything.         (Do they know these days are golden?)

watch The Big Bang Theory.   And if thou shalt, thou shalt not like it.   And if thou doest, thou shalt know that thou art terribly mistaken.