Refer to everyone saying nasty or inflammatory things online as a ‘troll’. That’s not what a troll is. Guardian newspaper, I’m looking at you. Advertisements

I wrote this a couple of months back and then decided not to post it, but am doing so now – I’m posting without editing, so all errors will remain…     So I’m doing a little looking into a thing called The Healing Codes. Keeping an open mind as far as I can, but […]

Not that I’m going to open myself to the ridicule of discussing this on facebook, but I’m having a little look at what I could do kind of casually and at home (which is how I do most things) to get a bit fitter. Not sure when the last time I did some proper exercise […]

So, as was previously mooted, I’m going to try to make these a bit more explicit and elucidate the reasons why they’re important to me. The list is rather long, so you’ll have to forgive me if I skim over a few. AC Grayling Professor of philosophy, particularly associated with Oxford and Birkbeck. Sceptic, atheist, […]

Sorry, I’ve kind of got out of the habit both of blogging and of putting morning songs up. This is all for a jolly good reason though – been distracted, which is kind of nice. Anyway, I haven’t been quite as remiss on this as I feared, and turns out there’s quite a few gems […]

So there’ve been some gaps in my morning songs project due to being away, but that’s ok. Also, I’m avoiding listing any other songs posted at other times of the day – they’re not part of the canon… So here we are, bringing us up to date. As usual, it’s oldest first.   Nick Cave […]

I. Love. Everything.         (Do they know these days are golden?)